Since its inception in 1998, IAG sought to take advantage of its strategic location in South Florida and its bilingual staff to provide its services to U.S. based companies with operations in Latin America and the Caribbean. Following the basic premise of the company of providing outstanding customer service, and through its knowledge of Latin American and Caribbean cultures, IAG has successfully established itself as a valuable resource to handle sensitive projects in the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean for multi-national companies, government agencies and large consulting companies.

By establishing relationships with laboratories in the United States and Latin America, IAG is capable of providing local convenience and high quality analytical services to its clients.  IAG understands the shipping and documentation requirements of the couriers shipping the samples, as well as the local and U.S. Customs regulations, which enables us to ensure timely delivery of sample kits and samples throughout the region. In addition, IAG’s bilingual staff is able to communicate with local personnel in different countries, establish relationships with local companies, interview and/or train local personnel and set-up local operations for its clients.

While all of our services are available to clients with international operations, IAG offers the following services specifically for this market:

  • International Project Management Services
  • Environmental Analytical Services
  • Laboratory Audits
  • Third-Party Data Review/Data Validation


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