International Analytical Group, Inc. (IAG) has great expertise in the logistics of transporting samples and sample kits to and from the U.S. to countries in the Caribbean and Latin America. IAG has developed a close working relationship with FEDEX and has become familiar with the document and permit requirements of U.S. Customs to accept environmental samples, as well as the Customs requirements of different countries in the Caribbean and Latin America to accept sample kits.

In addition, IAG has developed professional relationships with several regulatory agencies in the region and is familiar with their laboratory approval/certification programs. IAG can also provide technical support in the form of presentations or meetings with regulators.

Logistics of sample management include the following tasks:

  • Sample kits consisting of all appropriate sample containers, labels, chain-of custody documents and coolers are prepared in the U.S. and shipped to the country where the work is being performed.
  • Shipping of Sample Kits to countries in Latin America and the Caribbean
    • Familiar with FEDEX requirements to transport samples kits.
    • Knowledgeable on Customs requirements in different countries to accept bottles and coolers to ensure timely delivery of the sample kit to CLIENT or its consultant.
  • Instructions to Pack and Ship Samples to Lab in the U.S.
    • IAG developed FEDEX approved SOP for packing and shipping samples to a lab in the U. S. to ensure samples arrive without breakage, within analytical holding times and temperature requirements.
    • IAG will provide to CLIENT and consultant personnel electronic copies of its SOP for appropriate packing and shipping procedures.
    • IAG provides all necessary documents and permits required by U.S. Customs to ensure the timely delivery of samples to the laboratory.
  • For large projects, IAG personnel travel to a specific country to provide hands-on training on these procedures.


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