International Analytical Group, Inc. (IAG) offers a wide variety of environmental laboratory consulting services including data review, data validation, laboratory audits, data interpretation, expert testimony, production of laboratory documents (standard operating procedures, quality manuals, etc), laboratory accreditation services, and laboratory set-up services.  Below please find brief descriptions of our most common services:

Laboratory Data Review

IAG reviews the laboratory data for the project with regards to accuracy and compliance with pertinent Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) parameters (daily blank, calibration check, spike and spike duplicate, calibration curve, and surrogate recovery).  In addition, IAG reviews the results of the various analyses conducted on the samples and checks for consistency of the data between the different analyses and with historical data, if available. 

IAG provides documentation of data reviews in the form of a checklist (tailored to the specific project).  In addition to the review documentation, IAG provides a complete QA report summarizing data validation findings at the end of a project, or periodically for long term projects. 

After its review of the analytical data, IAG reviews the report for accuracy and format and transmits the laboratory results to the appropriate Client representative, either electronically or in hard copy

Laboratory Data Validation

Laboratory Data Validation is similar to data review but the process is more stringent and detailed.  Typically, data validation involves the review of raw data, review of laboratory SOPs to ensure that the SOPs are in compliance with the analytical methods, review of analytical records to ensure the laboratory’s SOPs are actually being followed, review of chain of custody records, etc.  The purpose of data validation is to establish the validity of a given set of data for a specific purpose.  The degree of complexity of this process varies with the use of the data (private use, regulatory use, court use).  IAG may use customer specific data validation software and/or criteria for data validation.

Laboratory Audits

International Analytical Group, Inc. conducts several types of laboratory audits for its clients.  These audits may follow several formats and are dependent on the clients’ needs:

  • Laboratory-driven audits- these are compliance audits to help laboratories’ verify their compliance with regulations prior to an official regulatory audit.  These audits involve review of the laboratory’s quality systems, documentation and standard operating procedures (SOPs);
  • Client-driven audits – the scope of these audits may vary widely but their main purpose is to determine if the capabilities of a given laboratory are adequate to meet a particular client’s needs.  These audits involve verifying the laboratory’s certifications and accreditations, review of their SOPs, review of the laboratory’s operations and sample capacity, etc.


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